Each dog has its own personal living quarter which includes a comfortable indoor living area where its food and bedding are located. Each dog also has an outdoor run that is double the size of the indoor area. The outdoor area is used for the dog to stretch out and relax. Each run allows your dog to go in or out whenever they please. We do provide clean bedding daily, but if you would like to make your pets stay more comfortable you are more than welcome to bring additional items from home! You are more than welcome to bring toys, beds, blankets, treats and bones, but please label all items and ensure that they are machine washable. We do provide treats during our feedings and at bedtime for all. If your dog needs any special food or medication, please call for more details.

Each boarding dog gets playtime outside in our fenced in play area. We like to focus our attention on playgroups, exercise and fun! Our playgroups are for dogs who are well socialized with others and are based on the size, energy level and personality of each dog. If your dog does not do so well with others, don’t worry! We have separate play yards outside that we offer individual attention and play time to!


Cats are given their own personal living quarter which includes bedding, litter box, food, and toys. You are more than welcome to bring any additional items to make your cat’s stay more cozy! Each cat is given time to play in a special cat room where they are given individual attention by our staff and have the opportunity to play on our cat tree or hop on our window seat to view the outdoors. Cats are generally kept separate and are not allowed to play together unless owners approve that they are cat friendly.

(***) Any pets staying together in the same living quarters will get 20% off the cost of the second pet’s boarding and 10% off the third, fourth, etc.

A1 Bed & Biscuit A1 Bed & Biscuit
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Daily Rates (per calendar day) With Playtime(*)(**)
Small Dog (Up to 19 lbs) $17.00
Medium Dog (20-49 lbs) $18.00
Large Dog (50-99 lbs) $19.00
X-Large Dog (50-99 lbs) $20.00
Cat $10.00

(*) Playtime includes 3 trips to a large fenced in area for exercise and fun, and potty breaks (excludes cats)

(**) During peak season there is a $1 dollar increase per pet per day

See our peak season calendar.
Boarding Rules

All dogs over the age of 10 months must be spayed and neutered to board.

Pet boarders need to bring shot records from the Veterinarian:

Pet Type Required Vaccines
Dog Rabies
Distemper/Parvo Combo
Leptosporosis (recommended but not required)
Flea / Heartworm prevention (recommended but not required)
Cat Rabies
Feline Leukemia (negative test or current vaccine)

*** Proof of shots on Veterinarian letterhead upon arrival (not Check Sheet).

** We do not accept vaccines purchased and completed by owners.

* You can fax us your vaccine records in advance at 440-286-5100.