Information about Our Daycare Service

Doggie daycare is a service we offer for a day stay and play. This means your dog will get a chance to play during the day if you have errands to run, or just want your dog to have fun while you are at work. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short or long commute; whether you are driving to Cleveland or somewhere in Geauga County. Your dog will have a great time during day care playing with new and old friends here at A1 Bed + Biscuit. Each dog gets outside time and personalized attention from our pet loving staff. Give us a call at 440-286-8686.

A1 Bed & Biscuit A1 Bed & Biscuit
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Service Price
1 day $12.00

It is the best deal in town and your animal deserves it!

Daycare Rules

All dogs over the age of 10 months must be spayed and neutered for daycare.

For Daycare pet owners need to bring shot records from the Veterinarian:

Pet Type Required Vaccines
Dog Rabies
Distemper/Parvo Combo
Leptosporosis (recommended but not required)
Flea / Heartworm prevention (recommended but not required)
Cat Rabies
Feline Leukemia (negative test or current vaccine)

*** Proof of shots on Veterinarian letterhead upon arrival (not Check Sheet).

** We do not accept vaccines purchased and completed by owners.

* You can fax us your vaccine records in advance at 440-286-5100.