Information about Dog and Cat Grooming

Our grooming facility has the works! We offer everything from baths and blowouts, to nail cutting, to top-notch haircuts for your dogs and cats, too! The process of grooming your pets from start to finish generally takes approximately three hours. You will discuss with the groomer what kind of style you are looking for for your pet and the transformation begins! We start with a nice soothing bath that consists of a massage rub down and shampoo that most pets love. Dogs with thicker coats of fur will receive a conditioner treatment as well as the shampooing. We can also use special and medicated shampoos for your dog’s specific needs. After your dog is bathed and dried the cutting and brushing begins. From summer cuts, shave downs or breed specific trims we can do it all! The final touch includes a fashionable bandana so everyone in the neighborhood will know you just came from A1 Bed + Biscuit!

Grooming prices vary and can be discussed with your groomer. Please call A1 Bed + Biscuit at 440-286-8686 for a quote.

A1 Bed & Biscuit A1 Bed & Biscuit
Check out our grooming rates
Bath Rates (for boarded pets only) Price
Small Dog (Up to 19 lbs) $15.00
Medium Dog (20-49 lbs) $16.00
Large Dog (50-99 lbs) $17.00
X-Large Dog (50-99 lbs) $18.00
Cat Call
Add ons Price
Toe Nail Trim $7.00
Dremel $10.00
Anal Glands $5.00
Teeth Brushing $5.00